Pisces can smell trouble beforehand


Pisces is the final sign in the zodiac cycle because its number is 12th.  Their element is the water. It explains their nature very well of being very graceful and smooth. And their symbol is two fishes.

It is representing their dual personality because fishes are swimming in the opposite direction. Furthermore, it surely explains their basic trait of living in two worlds one is reality and the other is the dreamy world.

Furthermore, they are dreamy and realistic at the same time and they keep moving between unconsciousness and consciousness realms with the help of spirituality in the quest for ideas. Meanwhile, Pisces is the Mutable sign. They are very adaptive in nature, fluid and blending in nature.

They are known for their aptitude to absorb and understand other people’s feelings and emotions.

And they prove to be a really good friend. They will be with you in your ups and downs. And Pisces will take up your troubles and difficulties as their burden. They get completely messed up in it. Unpleasant and horrible events will upset them. They will surrender to addictions to divert themselves from negative thoughts. Pisces are oversensitive to an extent that even the slightest of the jokes or remarks can end up making them drown in their own tears.


They are creative.Pisces mind is never at rest. Their minds are fully charged with ideas thoughts. They build up their own world full of fantasies. Pisces have cautiously calculated plans for every situation in life. And if they are encountered with anything beyond those plans they go wild and crazy literally.

A strong thing is that Pisces is known to smell trouble beforehand. They prepare themselves. But when they are faced with many uncertain situations and circumstances they tend to lose their bearing. It will make them take unwanted decisions.  Pisces have many qualities but one of the best qualities of Pisces is their special skill to adapt to different circumstances and situations.

meanwhile, they are flowing and fluid filling up them anywhere just likes water. And it makes them best people to be it.  And Pisces will put themselves in your situation and circumstances and absorb your problem like a sponge. Meanwhile, They are adventurous and love adventure and many social events, they love anything where people are involved.

Furthermore, they are very elegant, stylish and graceful while attending different events. And in a discussion happening, they are known to be the listeners, not speakers. Furthermore, they are the good listener.




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