New Year night section 144 is imposed in Karachi

new year

Karachi: On the New Year night section 144 is imposed in Karachi and the roads to Beach are closed for public. According to the news, Commissioner Karachi has banned the roads to the beach one week before on 25th December and the actions are being taken to implement this order. Containers are reached on the roads and after 6 pm the roads will be blocked for public. According to the statement of traffic police vehicles coming from expressway and korangi will not be allowed to go sea view they will have to take the road from share Faisal, regent plaza, club square, teen talwaar, do talwaar, the tomb of Abdullah Shah ghazi and Clifton helipad. Defense residents can go through the way by showing their ID card other people will have to go back. After 6’o clock every kind of traffic will be blocked from marine chorangi, Bilawal chorangi to Clifton helipad. Heavy traffic coming from Korangi industrial area will be allowed to go from National highway and Northern bypass to their destiny. Parking is not allowed on Sharae Faisal, Abdullah Haroon road, my Karachi road, Korangi road and MT Khan road for any kind of vehicle. Police action will be taken against the without silencer bikes and cars and they can be arrested too.

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