Did you know that milk contains more than nine other vital nutrients? 

milk- calcium is very important for your bones.

Milk is very important for good health and it is known for its rich calcium. And the calcium is very important for your bones.

Mil contains carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and other minerals, fat.

Protein is important nutrient of milk. It is very important to fight diseases, build muscles and renew cells. It maintains healthy nails and hair.

So that’s why your diet should provide you enough proteins if you are using milk in your diet because milk is the main source of protein. Each glass of milk contains approximately 8 grams of protein. And the other nutrient carbohydrate is also very important for good health and the source of carbohydrates in milk is lactose. It gives energy to the entire body.

Milk also contains vitamins and many other minerals. Milk is very rich in many other nutrients which are necessary for good health. These are important for stronger bones (Calcium, Vitamin D, and Phosphorous). And these minerals are important for more energy (B vitamins), and for a stronger immune system and for healthier skin (Vitamin A).

Fats in milk comprise necessary fatty acids. They are essential for body cells, as long as they are taken in moderate quantities. Milk is good for the diet. it is not much in calories. So milk is not high in calories when it’s low fat or 0% fat. And if you are on a diet then you should concentrate on lowering the amount of fat in your diet. So, don’t remove milk completely from your diet plan. But you should choose low-fat or 0% fat milk since it contains all the nutrients found in full cream milk except for the fat.

And it is important to know that not all milk are similar. The fortifying milk with minerals and vitamins is a very delicate process. And the quantity and quality of the added nutrients have a straight effect on the health. There are much low-fat or 0 percent fat is better to normal milk, because it is prepared with calcium, and also contains calcic lock. And the calcic lock is a unique combination of nutrients. It helps lock and absorbs the calcium into the bones.

So milk and milk products such as cheese and yogurt provide you good amounts of calcium. And cow’s milk has good bioavailability, with a calcium absorption rate of about 30% to 35%.4


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