A healthy Snacks which will not increase your weight


Unhealthy Snack is not good for our diet.

Our snacks are adding too many calories. These habits are adding few nutrients to our diets. It is according to the according to recent research by the USDA. It was said by Susan Bowerman which is assistant director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition.

Snacking keeps your energy levels up. It gives you more opportunities to get in all your nutritional needs. And eating snacks with the right calories and with the right ratio of nutrients will help keep your body energized. And it helps you lose weight. He suggests snacks under 200 calories, with 10 grams of protein.

And he suggests snacks close to 5 grams of fiber. So here are almost 20 of our favorite fat-burning snacks. And any fruit is going to make a great tasty snack. But you want to pair it with a bit of protein to make it more satisfying.

Bower man further added.   The protein fruit pairing which is good for you is one large apple and one cup of skim milk. So this pair will give you 5 grams of fiber and 10 grams of protein for just over 200 calories.

And here is another fruit and dairy combo. This one for when you are craving something creamy rich, and a bit savory. And remove the pit from one-half of an avocado. And fill the space with 2 ounces of 1% cottage cheese.

This is For 200 calories and you will get 7 grams of fiber and 9 grams of protein no dirty dishes. And if you don’t want to include dairy then you can use a can of tuna which is packed in water is another great source of lean protein plus healthy Omega-3s. This is also for about 200 calories.

You can enjoy 6 whole wheat crackers with 3 ounces of light tuna, it complete with 3 grams of fiber and 20 grams of protein. And you may not think of shellfish as a grab.

So go for snack food, but you can put this treat together in a flash if you keep pre-cooked shrimp on hand. So you keep pre-cooked shrimp with Greek yogurt and avocado. It is a protein powerhouse with 9 grams per serving and 4-gram fiber for only 129 calories.

You can try shrimp stack recipe.

In this recipe jalapeño sauce, rye flatbread, Greek yogurt, lime juice, avocado, shrimp, and parsley and cracked black pepper are used.




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