Why iPhone can never made in USA

Why iPhone can never made in USA

“iPhone might never be made in USA factories.”

A graduate of New York University USA, Dejian Zeng worked at Pegatron iPhone factory in china, he worked for 6 weeks for his summer project.

After completing the internship, he said, “iPhone might never make in US factories.”

He gave some of the reasons why he thinks that,

I wonder there’s any way to relocate the “labor intensified factory” to the USA.

Low wages as compared to Americans.

The wages are very low there, a Chinese worker costs only 2,320 yuan means $400 only. How can Apple pay that base salary to an American worker? It is just impossible.

Work might replace by machines in the USA

However, if Apple managed to relocate the factories, the most of the work in America will do with “machines”.  In the USA, putting a screw bolt done by machines.

People in China tends to use laborers because the wages are low, and the labor cost is much small than machine cost.

There are many stations actually running by robots. Meanwhile, I also saw a station named “camera coiling to housing,” the station places the camera at the accurate position of the housing. Robots do the work, meanwhile, other works like placing the batteries are also done by robots and machines.

I wonder worker thinks what their job is, they only think about earning some extra money for their families and do whatever needs to be done.

The cost of iPhone might rise more if the factories shifted to the USA as the labor cost of the US much higher than the labor cost of China.

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