Privacy Policy

The readers of Newsklic have vital importance for us. We respect your privacy, so we are here to tell you how we protect your personal information.Rest assured, we will never have the inclination to sell your information to any outside parties.

The Personal Information Newsklic has:

When you access Newsklic, we have to monitor multiple forms of data. Including, IP Address, Your Name, Location, ISP, your Browser Name, and other information that is obligatory for us to obtain. Furthermore, we also record the time of your visit, the number of pages you visited, total time spent on every page and in total on the website.

We must assure you that every website record this information. However, we are bound to make this information secure, and rest assured that we will never sell you private information to any outside parties.

How your cookies help in showing advertisements (for you) uses third party advertisements to support the company’s monthly costs. These advertisements may use certain technologies such as your cookies, cookies, in turn, are what gives the advertisement information on what to show you.

These advertising companies may use information (None of which will disclose anything that will identify you; email address or your name) regarding your visiting habits to your browsing history as to be able to give you meaningful advertisements for goods and/or services that could be of interest to you.

Well still of you have any question we obliged to make you satisfied. You can just drop an email and we will gladly inform you further prospects.

If you have any inquiries, questions, or otherwise, you are always welcome to drop us an email.