Opposition parties can make an alliance headed by zardari, Imran khan


Opposition parties can make an alliance headed by Asif Ali Zardari, Imran khan. Talking to media in Karachi Imran khan said that opposition parties can work together at one point agenda of Panama leaks headed by Asif Ali Zardari. He said that Ishaq dar made the plans to change black money into white and Nawaz sharif is destroying country only for the sack of money and corruption is licking like termites to the country that’s why corrupt people should be taken under accountability, Panama is our future’s war and we will have to win it. He said that in the presence of Fazl ur Rehman we don’t need any Jewish conspiracy, he has the slogan that increases your money Nawaz sharif  I am with you. Chairman PTI said that we are ready to sit with PPP on the agenda of Panama leaks. He said that we won more than 8 million votes from Karachi in the elections of 2013 and next time we will actively participate and he will continuously visit Karachi while they will stand in elections against Asif and Bilawal too. Addressing to Insaf professional forum he said that highest educational Muslim population is in Pakistan that’s why Pakistani condition can be changed quickly and for this purpose, all the nation should stand against corruption.

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