US and EU not ready for laptop ban expansion to Europe

US and EU not ready for laptop ban expansion to Europe

The United States and the European Union not ready to expand the Laptop ban in flights from Europe.

The security officials decided to take more preventive measures for security concerns. Meanwhile, withhold the decision of Laptop ban

in flights from Europe.

Earlier, a US official spoke about their plans to ban electronic devices like laptops and tablets in flights from Europe too. The ban already imposed on 8 Muslim majority nations exists.

The step taken after the fears of implanted bomb in an electronic device.

The meeting was requested by EU officials after recent reports suggested US authorities had new information regarding laptop parts being turned into explosives.

Details of a specific threat have not made public.


A source from the European Union said the meeting of significant importance.

Meanwhile, the authorities of both US and EU decided to cooperate and communicate over security issues of both. US officials assure EU for start of a new era under Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, US banned all the devices except the Smartphone from flight cabins. The countries include Turkey, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The UK also banned same from six country flights.

Safety expert for British Airline Pilots Association, Steve Landells, said there’s a huge risk of Lithium Battery explosion during flights.

He furthermore added, “The risks are high, if battery damaged during the flight, it will cause fire and time to react can be small. Consequently, there are chances of higher damage results.”

“If these devices kept in the hold, the risk that if a fire occurs the results can catastrophic; indeed, there have two crashes where lithium batteries have cited in the accident reports.”


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