Disable person can move his body through this device.

disabled persons
disabled persons

Physically disabled persons can take control over their parts of body.

There is a successful experiment of a new technology. The scientists have connected the thought to the muscles of hands. The person is disable for 8 years. After the connection of thought to the hands he is now able to eat his food himself.

Bill is a 56 years old person and the citizen of Ohaeyo. Bill becomes disable in an accident in the year of 2009. But now because of this technology he is able to drink coffee and eat his food.  According to news updates the researchers of Western Reverse University have designed a device.

Through this device they send the brain rays in a computer. In computer the rays change into electric pulses. Theses electric pulses move to the hands. There are electrodes fixed in the hands. When the process completes the disable hand get the power to move. This is for the first time that a disable person can move his body while using his brain.

Bill is of the view it is such a pleasant experience that I can move my hands. It is more pleasant to think that I am the first disable person who is using this technology. More he says that I need the assistance of other people because I cannot do anything by himself.

But now this technology has enabled me to do something.  The team of doctors has fixed two electrodes in the brain of Bill. The size of these electrodes is just like aspirin. The researcher is of the view that very soon this technology will be in market. This is such a good step to maintain the freedom of disable persons.

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