CBA tightens interest-only loans policy for Australians

CBA tightens interest-only loans policy for Australians

CBA tightened the policies over interest-only house loans.

They remove the incentives for refinancing the loans and also demand to withhold larger deposits for new customers.

Earlier Westpac and ANZ Bank make similar kind of reforms in policy.

The changes will come effect from June 10, 2017, came after the announcements of the banking regulator restrictions on interest-only lending.

Meanwhile, CBA also announced that they will no longer provide a rebate to the interest of worth $1250 to interest-only customers.


It will conjointly need customers who wish to take out interest-only loans. To carry a 20 % deposit – up from 5 % for owner-occupiers and 10 % for investors antecedently.

Australia’s lenders are being forced to cut back interest-only loans they supply underneath new rules declared by the Australian prudent Regulation Authority in March.

The rules need the banks to limit their interest-only loan book to 30 %of total disposition.

The new cap is an element of efforts by the regulator to cool down demand within the housing market. Also limit on interest-only disposition, that the regulator deems higher risk than ancient home loans.

Currently, the country’s major banks lend near 40 % of all loans on Associate in Nursing interest-only basis.

CBA aforesaid the changes, that solely apply to new customers, would cut back incentives for interest-only borrowing.

“These changes follow APRA’s announcement in March for banks to cut back the quantity of interest-only home loans. Also geared toward encouraging customers to change to principal and interest. Wherever acceptable, to assist them to own their homes quicker,” ana advocate aforesaid.

Earlier in the week, Westpac declared similar changes to its disposition policy, telling brokers it’d now not settle for interest-only applications from owner-occupiers with a deposit smaller than ten per cent. It antecedently accepted something higher than five per cent.

Owner-occupiers can still be eligible for a principal and interest loan with a 5 %deposit. That is subject to mortgage insurance, the loaner aforesaid.


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