Australia halted the UFO group funding for review

Australia halted the UFO group funding for review

Enthusiasts of Australian UFO might need more proof of global activity if they want to earn more money from the government.

After learning that the department endorsed the grants to Tuggerah Lakes UFO Group, Social service minister of Australia, Christian Porter said that as “a beam me up, Scotty.”

The group is receiving the gigantic amount of money in name of supporting disable volunteers. They received A$6,000 (£3,400; $4,500) since 2013 from government.

Meanwhile, recently Social service minister, Mr. Porter seized the funding and asked for more details from the group.

Meanwhile, he also said, “I’m sure they are very nice people and there are lots of volunteers who are getting something out of it but looking at it from my perspective, representing taxpayers, it did not seem to pass a common sense test.” Mr. Porter said on the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Seized funding

The NSW group claimed they have 800+ members on Facebook, they also claim that they share “information, news, support friends and network in UFO subjects and related topics”.

When asked regarding apparent sightings within the region, Mr. Porter said: “You tend to seek out plenty of sightings after you are funding UFO-sighting teams, I tend to suppose. However, we’ll see what they’re concerning.”

The Tuggerah Lakes shadow cluster has been contacted for comment.

A person known as a spokesperson told the Central Coast Gosford express Advocate.

“We have senior folks we tend to devour and go for conferences, wherever we’d like projectors and microphones thus everybody will see and listen to what’s happening.”

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