Did Raees promo crack the entire records?

The most wanted promo of the Shah Rukh and Mahira Khan’s up- coming movie Raees was revealed this week, flattering the first-ever promo of a Bollywood movie to attain 21 million outlooks in 24 hours.

The greatly expected promo was infusing an uproar crosswise communal medium, very soon subsequent to its release with the picture moving internationally.

The size enlarged, with the promo getting above 15 million views on Youtube only in addition to 300k likes. Additionally, on Facebook, the promo reached to 9 million views and above 200k likes. On the day of its release, Raees promo began developing on Twitter in minutes.

The film’s promo has put a new standard with greatest figures of views for any Bollywood film, thrashing the promo for Aamir Khan’s Dangal which had 9 million views in 24 hours.

The two minute 46 second long thrilling promo presents Mahira sufficient display time and as an Indian reporter rightly assured she’s the “surprise package,” who have done the role of SRK’s love attention in the film which grades her Bollywood entrance. in the meantime, King Khan done the role of a Gujarati bootlegger, Raees Alam.

Raees promo is being renowned crosswise India, but Pakistan has rather to celebrate too

Directed by Rahul Dholakia, the film is knocked to release on January 25, 2017.



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