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Newsklic, Pakistan’s leading Technology News Blog. Our purpose is promoting Pakistani technology, startups, and entrepreneurs. We always aspire for latest technology news Pakistan, and new emerging startups.

Furthermore, we at newsklic are classified in Technology News Blog, our goal is to provide news and information about Pakistani startups.

Within a short time, Newsklic has made its place among tech leaders, startup founders, business and technology lovers in Pakistan. Today we have around 100K followers on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google and direct website.

Our mission at Newsklic is bringing technology News Blog and startup founders on one platform, we aspire to inspire Pakistani youth. We desire to give them a kick start for their business.


For us our readers are very special, we are always ready to hear from them. Your input both as criticism and appreciation always welcomed. We will like to hear from you and bring improvements in our blog.

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