Youth is being exploited on name of religion and politics, prime minister

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Islam and

Karachi: according to prime minister, Pakistan is full of such elements that betray you on name of Islam and politics. We must have to protect our youth from such elements.Addressing on opening ceremony of M9 motorway Karachi Hyderabad prime minister stated that we are crossing a new milestone in the way to progress, Karachi Hyderabad motorway is ring of the same chain. This would reduce distances and increase economic facilities. 60% work has completed on this motorway remaining is under progress very diligently.

Prime Minister stated that we are watching an entirely new Pakistan, motorway and metro are no more fantasy, we have realised this dream.

Country is full of such elements that exploit youth on the name of religion and politics. These elements exploiting the youth are not sincere, we must be aware of these.

Prime minister said progress of the country is not foolish’s play, it needs vision, eagerness and love for nation. He added that Baluchistan is progressing by leaps and bounds. Network of roads is being spread around the province; Gawader is going to be a vital port. Electricity is back in Pakistan whereas more 10,000 mega watt would be added in system during the year.

He criticize that we concentrate on progress not on strikes, and nation knows the difference better.

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