World Bank: Islamic Republic of Pakistan first country to benefit from high-quality solar maps

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Pakistan will be 1st country to achieve benefits of duly valid, high-quality solar maps under a worldwide initiative. Permitting it to faucet into its renewable energy resources additional effectively, the world Bank same in a release on Tuesday.

The new star maps for Islamic Republic of Pakistan were disclosed nowadays at a workshop. It hosted by the AEDB and also the World Bank in Islamabad.

According to the globe Bank, Islamic Republic of Pakistan is currently a part of a small group . Comprising primarily developed countries with access to sustainable and cheap sources of native energy.

Moreover “With the prices of solar energy having reduced considerably over the past number of years. Islamic Republic of Pakistan currently has the chance to unleash investment in alternative energy. Without the necessity for subsidies.” Said Anthony Cholst, Acting Country Director for the world Bank, Pakistan.

“The World Bank stands able to support the federal and provincial governments in realising this objective, aboard the support we are already providing for development of hydro-power sector reform and also the strengthening of the transmission grid. it’s time to understand the complete potential of this clean and secure supply of energy,” he added.

Meanwhile “These new star maps will certainly guarantee qualified improvement vis-a-vis previous studies. And can underscore the tremendous star potential that exists across Asian nation,” same Amjad Ali Awan, Chief military officer of AEDB.

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