Western Australia likely to support ‘no jab, no play’ policy

Western Australia likely to support 'no jab, no play' policy

Western Australia likely to support ‘no jab, no play’ policy

New Elect Western Australia Prime Minister Mark McGowan has told the News he will likely support Turnbull’s recommended ‘no jab, no play’ strategy.

While McGowan said he has not so far argued the policy with the Western Australia minister responsible. He said his liking to agree with Prime Minister Turnbull on the matter.

I want to ensure that children’s health is secure, he said.

I saw certain things that Pauline Hanson said through the campaign and i differed with them completely.

At the recommendation the strategy might illegally punish children for the acts of their parents. Mr. Mark McGowan said the program might stance a grade of injustice. But claimed that children required being secure from contracting possibly deadly viruses.

He said we must to take strong action; they cannot make these conclusions for themselves.

While, the Western Australia Prime Minister also repeated his view on the biased GST divide, advising the PM to just make the verdict.

Turnbull has really said that he does not agree with the present distribution. So all I am saying is placed your cash where your mouth is.

WA PM said the result of Western Australia’s election express that WA people want a well deal out of the Common wealth Government.  He said the Liberal Party will be crucified in the next national election if they do not take notice of what WA peoples are saying.

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