We are contributing in killing “Great Barrier Reef” , Scientist say.

Barrier Reef

Scientists say that one of our world’s greatest natural treasures is now truly “terminal”.  

This news comes after sequential, massive bleaching events of barrier reef. Which is what happens when ocean temperatures rise beyond levels that coral reefs can survive.

Climate change is the primary culprit, and while it’s long been suspected that reefs are under threat from ocean warming. No one ever thought that the mass destruction will effect for 30 years.

Scientists say, “Unfortunately as oceans are becoming hotter. The life under ocean has certain threats and most of the endangered species include reefs.” The situation is alarming for them,” he added.

Great Barrier Reef took a long time to develop, almost hundreds of thousands of years, most importantly it is the home of Earth’s most complex ecosystems. Furthermore, it is the only living structure which is visible from outer space.

The focus of every earth scientist is “The Stony Corals.” These are in quite a bad shape these days. Damaged and shabby indeed. A number of species are “Hard Corals,” precisely somewhat more resistant to climate changes than others. Unfortunately, many of them have lost their color, for diverse reasons and one of the main reasons is rising temperatures.

Furthermore, climate change is a complex problem, with many sources; the major effect is our behavior. We are somewhat destroying our climate badly, we need to stop our bad habits which are destroying our climate. It is the responsibility of all the citizens of planet earth if we will not take our responsibilities we will give nothing for our future generations.


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