Victoria Will Have First Green Star-rated Factory

Green Star-rated Factory

Australia is making progress in acquiring latest Technology and energy efficient buildings.

Recently Kingston Insulation from Australia announced that they will start their insulation manufacturing at Somerton in Melbourne. This is first Green Star-rated Factory in Australia, with $40 million cost of installation. And they aspire to support production with renewable energy.

Furthermore, Kingspan will supply the products in Australia for their customers. Meanwhile, the plant at Melbourne will also help them to exports their products in Asia Pacific. They have already a plan to export 20% of their productions, with an expected increase to 35% by 2020.

The factory will be the first in the world to manufacture the company’s fourth-generation Kooltherm insulation, according to Kingspan Group chief executive Gene Murtagh.

Kooltherm is a highly performing rigid thermoset phenolic insulation. It has ultra-low conductivity for walls, roofs, and floors. It is ultra thin product and helps attain more internal floor space with thin walls. Furthermore, high performing fire performance also makes it popular among customers.

Meanwhile. high performing insulation is the necessity of world, with high temperatures these will help devices to maintain internal temperature and make buildings more energy efficient.

“This facility gives Australia world leading technical capability in a sector experiencing significant sustained domestic and international growth.”

Kingspan’s new facility is also the first Green Star-rated Factory & manufacturing facility in Australia.

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