Use Social Media with care, or You might end up in trouble.

social media

There is no doubt that the social media has become the part of our life.

We want to use the social media as much as we can.

We use social networks in our sleeping beds, during the travel and in having our meal. Even we do not leave the social media while meeting our friend. There is no doubt that we face so many negative propagandas, blackmailing, and negative behaviors.

Because of these negative thinking, disputes, provoking and blackmailing we abhor the social media. In this way, we promised that we will not use the social media again. But after some time we take our smartphone and start to use the social media. There are some tips to avoid the negative thinking on the social media.

Stay away from the dispute lovers:

While using the social media we came across the quarrel person. In the beginning, these people look very good but after some time we can see the abhorred personality of these people. Try to keep yourself away from such personalities. If you have added them in your friend list then unfriend them. Do not follow them and just block them.

Keep your circle Clean

Social media is such a plate farm where so many people are your friend. These people are from the different countries and from different regions. You can add the people of different religion, language, and think. In this way, the style of thinking is different from everyone. Sometimes these things create disputes between the friends. To avoid such situation do not include such people in your friend list. Try to include those people in your friend list whom you have some understanding.

Sarcasm is not allowed

Social  networks are  great plate farm. Everyone wants to make his name on the social media. People do not care the means of making the name on social netwroks. They mock on others make jokes to every person. You can see so many people are making jokes on the religion of others. And in such condition try to avoid them. Do not hurt someone’s emotions. Try to control such material.

Don’t make rumors

There most of the news are fake. There you can have much fake news. Try to avoid such news. Do not share the fake news on other pages. Always try to verify the news before sharing it on other pages.


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