US promises Mexico no mass deportations or armed force

US promises Mexico no mass deportations or armed force

US promises Mexico no mass deportations or armed force

MEXICO: The United States Homeland Security Secretary promised no mass deportations or military force in contradiction of migrants in the U.S. in spite of a shutdown on those in the state unlawfully.

There will be no replication no mass deportations, United States Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly told a news conference. There will be no usage of armed force for migration actions. Kelly told after meeting with Mexican ministers.

The meetings aimed to peaceful ambassadorial tensions with Mexico. Earlier, President Donald Trump targeted with a solid line on immigration and trade.We are getting surely bad fellows out of this state and at a rate that nobody´s ever seen before. Trump said.

John Kelly issued new instructions to begin arresting and expelling unlawful migrants, many of them Mexicans. U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was also in Mexico where he met with his Mexican equivalent, Luis Videgaray.

Tillerson said the both sides repeated our mutual assurance to keeping law and order. Ending terrorists and dismantling the global illegal networks moving drugs and public into the U.S.

But he settled that collaboration on border safety had to work two ways. We highlighted the significance of stopping the unlawful firearms and bulk cash that is creating in the U.S. and flowing into Mexico. he said.

There is no mistaking that the rule of law and order materials along two sides of the border. U.S. officials said the tour was designed at confirming positive relations with Mexico.
But Donald Trump said he was resolute to decrease the $70 billion U.S. trade deficit with Mexico even at the risk of damaging ties.

We are going to have a worthy relationship with Mexico I hope. And if we do not, we do not. He said Thursday.


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