The two villages retaken in new Mosul assault, iraq forces


A top commander said that Iraqi forces led by federal police units.

He retook two villages south of Mosul as part of a fresh push on the city´s west bank Sunday.

General Abdulamir Yarallah (Army Staff Lieutenant) said in a statement that forces advancing toward Mosul airport retook Al Lazzagah, Athbah. And reviving four month old offensive that was paused following the recon quest last month of the city´s east bank.

And the southern front in the Mosul offensive had remained largely stagnant for weeks as the forces deployed there waited for the completion of operations on the city´s east bank.

So the two villages and neighboring areas that federal police. And the interior ministry´s elite Rapid Response forces retook on Sunday are the last before theMosul airport.

Airport and a nearby military base mark the southern approach to the Mosul on the east bank of the Tigris River.This divides the city.

And elite fighting units are expected to attempt a foray into the city´s western side in the coming days.


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