Tight jeans are a major cause of back pain

Tight jeans are a major cause of back pain: survey

Tight jeans are a major cause of back pain

London: The British medical experts say after a survey that the tight jeans are a major cause of back pain. The survey says that the women become the great victim of the back pain. The ladies who use jean have the danger of back pain rather than the women who don’t use it.

This survey is done on the British women by British Cairo paretic association. The result of the survey is published in Annals of rheumatic diseases. In the survey it is said that the 3\4 of ladies who wear jeans have the problem of back pain. The 73 per cent ladies who use fashion dresses are having the back pain. But these ladies are not fully aware about the reason.

The 27 per cent ladies admit that the tight dress is becoming the cause of pain their body. But they never think about it while purchasing the dress. The research says that the ladies with tight dress have to make more force to do any work. This effect on their muscles of back and bones. If they continue with this they can be the permanent patient of back pain.

The ratio of back pain patient in the world is 9.4 per cent. The heavy coat, big bags, heavy shoes are also the cause of back pain. To avoid the pain try to use lose and comfortable dress.

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