Technology Giants expressed their concerns over latest halt on 457 Visa program

457 Visa program

Australian Tech industry has expressed concerns over Government’s 457 Visa program.

Technology experts says this 457 visa program will built a shortfall in Australia’s tech industry. Many technology experts from abroad are contributing.

Meanwhile, the experts say, “Tech is the largest beneficiary of 457 visa program. With industry darling Atlassian saying that about a quarter of its 1000 Australian workers are on the visa.”

The industry has not immune from the government’s skilled-migration overhaul, with web developers, support and test engineers, and support technicians unable to work in Australia under the government’s replacement scheme.

CEO of Slingshot said, “The whole thing is going to grind the ecosystem into a halt.” It is quite shocking she further added.

People from around the world are contributing in growth of Australian industry, many of startups belongs to international people. One of the examples, Ms Lawson CEO Slingshot. She is from United Kingdom and she started working with Yahoo in Australia in 2005 on 456 visa.  Later she started her own business in Australia.

Another example, Kelly Tagalan, she migrated Australia in 2013, and originally she is from US. She started working on holidays but latter she moved on visa 457.

Ms Tagalan co-founded CodeClub Australia, an education non-profit that teaches computing programming to children aged between 9 and 11.

CodeClub educated over 50,000 Australian children to date, they are helping Australians for the future, Ms Tagalan said. But in the meantime the industry needed to tap into the global talent pool.

“There’s a skill shortage and I just don’t know how we’re going to fill that gap in the short term,” she said.

The Tech Companies were not consulted before the decision.

Australia lack some basic tech experts. Most of the portion of techies are from other countries and they are helping in Australian technology industry.

The Australian Information Industry Association, the tech industry’s peak body, said there might be critical skill shortage in Australia and the members had relied on 457 visas to fill that gap.

Furthermore, the 457 visa program ban could make it worse for Australia, and they will struggle in technology competition.

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