Technology is changing Australia’s Farming Industry


In recent days technology is changing everything around us and same is happening with farming industry Australia.

It is very simple to assume the wonders of technology. When you see a top banker of country riding a driverless tractor at sugarcane field of northern Queensland.

Remote control room controls the tractor, and working time is 20 hours. It can solve many harvesting problems; additionally it can harvest more in small time and save precious time.

 Presumabaly Australia can become Asia’s food bowl as international trade ­accelerates.

Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics said gross value of farm production is expected to rise to 6.1% in 2017.

Furthermore  Reports of farm products will rise 6.7 as expected %.

There is no doubt that this growth is in all agriculture fields, one of the example is livestock where national sheep flock has descended from 170 million to 70 since 30 years.

Yet scientists and agriculture bankers are trying to facilitate local farmers and agriculture industry. For improving the economy and production of industry.


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