Stress Cause many Problems, But You Can Avoid With Some Simple Things


The stress of any kind is the cause the of mental and physical disturbance.

The busy life of this age has the tiresome effects on everyone. Stress gives its impact on a child also. The child becomes irritated because of depression. If the stress level is low then it is not harmful. But if the level is very high then it is very dangerous for the life.

The low stress is somehow good for the person because it will provoke the person to do something. This can be the danger for the life. One can decrease the level if he follows these tips. These tips can eliminate the stress from the human body.

Take RegularBreaks

To avoid it the main thing is rest. Make yourself relax. Take control over your breathe. Do the exercise of breathing inhale and exhale. Do this exercise for full five minutes with full concentration. Feel this exercise and becomes relax. In this way you will feel the decrease of stress pressure.

Think Positive

There is no issue how much the situation becomes worse. Always think positive. Never try to indulge in the negative thinking. Always try to be happy. You should feel satisfied that you can solve the problems. If you become the relax person than the stress cannot disturb your life.

Make confidence your friend

If there is any problem or someone is really disturbing you share it with someone. You can share it with your friend or your husband. In this way you will feel yourself relax. If it is not possible then shout aloud in a close room. Feel yourself that you are exhaling your stress. This method will help you in feeling relax. Try to exhale your stress in this way you feel relax.

Give some time to you

The most important thing is to give time to yourself. Try to relax yourself. Take rest for sometime in a cool and relax place. Avoid any type of tension at the time of rest. After this watch television. If you want to read a book then it is very good to avoid the tension. To feel relax yourself you can do your hobby.

Balanced Diet

Food is the best tool to keep stress away. So the food must be balanced and healthy. Use fruits vegetables and nuts in your life. Sugar must be low in your diet. If you are a smoker then stop smoking.


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