Sindh Apex committee meeting, showed reservations on federal role in NAP

Sindh Apex committee meeting

In Sindh Apex committee meeting, they showed the concerns on the federal role in NAP. Karachi: In the meeting of provincial Apex committee meeting CM Murad Ali shah showed his concerns about the role of Federal GOVT in NAP. Core commander Karachi left Gen Shahid Baig mirza, DG rangers Sindh MAJ.General Muhammad Saeed, Provencial Chief secretary, senior minister Nisar khoro, information consultant Mola bakhsh chandio and IG Sindh Allah dino Khwaja also attended the meeting. Core commander and DG Rangers attended their first meeting after their joining and IG Sindh was also there after the forced leave of 12 days. Secretary interior affairs informed the participants that 16 terrorists are hanged and 19 cases are in the military courts and 9 are cleared to send in these courts. After the meeting, Mola bakhsh chandio told the media men in a briefing that in the meeting participants showed their satisfaction about the peace situation of the city but CM was not satisfied with the role of Federal in NAP.

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