Seven Beautiful Countries you must visit, if you live in Australia


Beautiful countries of the world For Visit from Australia

We know about the big and beautiful countries of the world but today we are going to talk about the smallest and most beautiful countries of the world. These countries do not have more area than Australia but are very famous among tourists for their beauty.

The Republic of Seychelles

This country has 115 islands and it is very famous among the world’s tourists. It is only 444 square kilometer but its beaches are very beautiful and its waters are very clean.


This wonderful island is spread over 344 square kilometers but it is a famous tourists’ place. It is also called “island of spices” because it is a big producer of jaefil and jawitri.


Malta is also an island in the Mediterranean Sea. It consists of 3 islands., and have only 316 square kilometers area. Meanwhile, It is also famous among tourists.


It is also a famous tourists place and it is popular for its clear waters. It is the smallest country of Asia furthermore, it is a Muslim country.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

These are 2 islands which have the total area of 261 square kilometers. These were the first islands which were habituated. They are famous for its diving and old gardens.


It is situated between Switzerland and Austria. It is very beautiful, especially where high mountains are found.

San Marino

This country has only 61 square kilometers area. It is the oldest independent state of the world. It has surrounded Italy.


It is near Australia and has one island. The total population of this country is 10000 but it has only one road of 8 kilometers.


It is also situated in the east of Australia and has only 21 square kilometers of area. In 1980 it was the richest country but now we find 90 percent unemployment here.

The above-mentioned countries are the smallest but most beautiful areas of the world. Everything God made is perfect and beautiful. There are perfect, places, nature, beauty everywhere. It is said that beauty is very hard to define but very easy to recognize. So beauty may be separated in all places and things even in most unexpected regions of the earth. But beauty is everywhere. Everything is beautiful. Natural beauty attracts everyone. I hope we can take care and cultivate of God’s wonders. We should take care of this beauty. Beauty is a very special thing so it can found in all the creation of God.

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