Recount ordered for Bob Day’s South Australia Senate spot

Recount ordered for Bob Day's South Australia Senate spot

Recount ordered for Bob Day’s South Australia Senate spot

The High Court has ordered previous Family First senator Bob Day was disqualified to have been elected.

Mr. Bob Day officially resigned as a senator for SA on 1st November latter year to treat with the failure of his Home Australia group of companies.

However, 6 days far ahead the Senate raised his eligibility for election to the High Court. He may have helped from the common-wealth over a lease preparation relating to his Adelaide electoral office.

Under constitution section 44 a senator or member can be ineligible where there is any indirect or direct pecuniary interest in any contract with the public service of the common-wealth.

While, The High Court decided on Wednesday Mr. Bob Day was incompetent of sitting as a senator under Section 44. And the post should be filled by an election.

An only judge will make further orders and directions in order to the count.

The government was to blame for the mess, Shadow attorney-general Mark Dreyfus said.

Mark Dreyfus said the actual deal that the Malcolm Turnbull government did with Mr. Bob Day to save him onside, is the actual thing that rendered him disqualified.

The government was said this preparation was inappropriate as soon as February 2014. When the Department of Finance cautioned then Michael Ronaldson a Special Minister of State.

The department of Finance said at the time it had worries about how such a transaction might be observed.

Mr. Dreyfus said that the Finance Minister Mathias Cormann was warned to the situation in December 2015. But he did nil.

However, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull turned a blind eye to worries about Bob Day’s eligibility to be a senator as he desired Mr Bob Day’s vote to acquire his regressive legislation over the Senate.

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