President Obama goes to US hordes in Hawaii for vacation

President Obama
President Obama
President Obama

U.S. President Obama, tripping in Hawaii, went for American hordes at an armed foundation Sunday for the final time throughout his presidency.

Talking before few weeks President-elect Donald Trump’s program launching; Obama called his period as commander-in-chief “the freedom of my life.”

President Obama said, “Though this will be the final time I am speaking to you as a president, I wish for you to be familiar with that, as a national, my appreciation will stay and our dedication to getting up by you each move of the way, that won’t end.”

On Saturday, he called hordes organized foreigners; telling them Americans returned to house recognized that they were combating for liberty.

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama checked in the nautical Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe Bay, near to where the presidential pair is having the end of the year holidays with their daughters.

Obama informed hordes that yet later than moving out of the office in January, he would keep on coming to the foundation “for a number of years to arrive.”

“I know that I still have a slight position as a former president,” he said to giggles. “Hence I still can utilize the gym on the foundation, and certainly, the golf course.”


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