Pakistan warns against connecting Islam with terrorism

Pakistan warns against connecting Islam with terrorism

UNITED NATIONS: Pakistan has warned against connecting Islam with terrorism, while calling for completely examining and understanding the threat in all its difficulties.

Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi expressed the United Nations Security Council on Monday the international campaign against terrorism can’t be reduced to a slogan insulting Islam or any other religion or race.

Speaking in a discussion on talking the threat of terrorist attacks against dangerous infrastructure, she also highlighted the need to observe the reasons why terrorism — despite a worldwide campaign against this danger — carry on to evolve in new and additional infectious forms and ideologies and across ever spreading geographical regions, menacing security and peace.

In this concern, the Pakistani ambassador highlighted the need to address the fundamental causes that generate terrorist trainees, unsettled interior and inter-state fights, foreign occupation, unlawful use of force, outside aggression and involvement, political and economic injustice, denial of self-determination and the marginalization and estrangement of societies and groups.

It is only by talking these fundamental causes can the world public erode the appeal of the stories of hate and anger which provide the oxygen for the presence and development of terrorism.
In her comments, Ambassador Lodhi said Pakistan was suffering from region-based and maintained terrorist acts targeted at abolishing and disrupting the life of the public, but the country was resolute and completely proficient of repelling such state supported terrorism.

Pakistani flexibility had been confirmed various times, she said, highlighting that a multi-pronged policy — the army led Zarb-e-Azb operation — had facilitated to destroy terrorist groups and constrain their capability to carry out deadly attacks.

Ambassador Lodhi said, this complete approach has prospered in ejecting terrorist groups from our region and greatly forced their ability to carry out deadly attacks, as obvious from the dramatic decline in the amount of such attacks, regardless of cowardly attack in Lahore.

Pointing out that Pakistan remains to face gradually outside held terrorists, she said, One of their main targets is the main infrastructure we are now constructing in Pakistan in order to demoralize our economic activities and stability — a clear reference to the CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) project.

At the local level, sharing of info and risk assessment as well as effective border management can meaningfully improve national abilities to discourage and defeat terrorism.

The ambassador Lodhi said, Pakistan linked the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation’s Agreement on Defeat of Terrorism. Unfortunately, SAARC as an organization has become a target of the aggressive plan of some of our neighbours, she said. This has harshly hampered the capability of our region to answer to its numerous challenges, as well as terrorism.

Emphasizing that United Nations role in counter terrorism struggles, Lodhi said the world body also delivers a platform to assistance member states in recognizing potential dangers and risks related to services, grow a sound response plan and partnerships to appliance these plans.


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