Our Earth is Full of Wonders, Nature is beautiful


Beauty is very hard to define but very easy to recognize.

Beauty may be separated in all places and things even in most unexpected regions of the earth, beauty is everywhere. Natural beauty attracts everyone.

There is beauty in the variety of birds, animals, flowers and plants. And many are vividly colorful. There is lots of beauty in mountains, hills, and valleys. And there is beauty in the skies. Beauty is very special thing, it can found in all the creation of God.

Hunters scan the forests for their quarry  often fascinated by the beauty that they find in objects. So the fisherman turns to the sea for his livelihood is fascinated by the beauty of the different creatures that swarm in the sea. And many of these creatures are found on the beach.

Thousands of divers explore the bottoms of the oceans. Even they are at the risk of losing their lives in the unknown regions of the world below. Nature is a storeroom of happiness joy and pleasure.  Nature is an ever flowing spray of marvelous beauty.

It is a guide, friend and a nurse to man.  And nature has a curative touch of its own.  A broken body or a broken mind finds a lot of consolation and comfort in the lap of beautiful nature. It provides the man with fresh energy.  It is an expression of the divine.

The important thing is that it is full of blessings and beauties for humanity.  Sounding cataracts, the flowing rivulets, and the dancing winds are the beauties. And the lofty mountains, the smiling flowers are only some of these beauties.

Also can fill our lives with real happiness and joy, goodness. And to a lover of nature, everything So that’s why Mr. Wordsworth wrote that there is courage in the woods.”

The beauties of nature are unlimited.  But unluckily, the modern man is too much absorbed in worldly pursuits.  And he is very busy to find out the beauties of nature.

Unfortunately, he has not the time to listen to the birds singing,  he has no time to play with the dancing daffodils and to watch the clouds moving majestically across the sky.

And he does not look at the glittery heavens. And he is dead to the beauty of a beautiful rainbow in the sky. Actually he has sold his heart away to Mammon the god of wealth.



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