Opposition uproar in the National Assembly, and tore copies of the agenda

speech of railway Minister
speech of railway Minister

Islamabad: During the speech of railway Minister Saad Rafiq  uproar of opposition created the scene of fish market in the assembly.National Assembly  headed by speaker Ayaz Sadiq, in which after the suggestions of opposition leader Khurshid shah, railway Minister Saad Rafiq stood up to respond but during this PTI asked permission to speak, but the speaker did not allow the member of PTI to speak afterwards members of PTI protested and started making slogans in the house.

However, during a protest of PTI members, speaker of the National Assembly tried to mute the member, but members of PTI were making the slogans so loud that no one could hear any voice. After not getting permission to speak in the House opposition tore copies of the agenda and threw these copies on Speaker’s dice. They  surrounded the dice of the speaker and continuously made slogans.

Opposition members and the government members raised slogans against each other. Saad named it as the opposition’s strife and bullying and said that they do not know the A B C of democracy. They only come to get their salaries in assembly. Due to this uproar, Assembly was postponed for 15 minutes but situation got worst, speaker of National Assembly postponed the assembly till the next day 4:00 pm.


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