OIC countries are to participate in 10 years project

OIC countries are to participate in 10 years project

Islamabad: Pakistan has decided to take part in 10 years project of worth more than 2 trillion $ between the members of OIC to promote department of Science and Technology.

Sources of Trade Ministry said that we have started analysing 10 years action plan of 25-2016 Act for the department of Science and Technology from OIC through foreign Minister. On this 10 years plan, all the members will put forth their opinions and in the light of those opinions 10 years action plan will be transformed into final form and will be presented in 2 days Science and Technology conference going to be held on 10th September 2017.

Along with this Trade ministry will issue proper circulars  in which all the respective officers and departments are asked to send their opinions and suggestions regarding 10 years action plan by OIC, therefore according to this action plan, in order to implement this 10 years action plan 64 Crore $ have been suggested for the fund raising of Science and Technology whereas according to the documents of action plan 1 Trillion and 9 Crore $ have been invested for the infrastructure and research in which 50% portion will be granted by the members of OIC whereas 54 crore 50 million $ will be obtained through external funding.

Documents further tells that 86 Crore $ will be invested to take huge action plans in next 10 years on Multi National level in the department of Science whereas actions taken out for this project will need 50 million $ whereas in Venture capital and soft loans 10 Crore $ will be invested during 10 years.

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