Do not nag the Trump administration: Joe Hockey

Do not nag the Trump administration: Joe Hockey

Do not nag the Trump administration: Joe Hockey

Joe Hockey is an Australian ambassador in the United States, gives a warning to the Australia that the international image of the Australia is just a critic. Further, he says that the constant criticism of the Trump administration is not a good thing for the Australia.

While the Australian Ambassador is in Australia to get the information about the new foreign policies of Australia, there are all the Australian ambassadors and high commissioners are gathered in the Australia. The administration of Trump government is just 69 days old in the tenure of four years.

However, the ambassador is of the view that US government is not playing the five-day match. We should avoid the criticism on that government. According to the US point of view, further, he says that we should not give a bad impact on our government to other nations.

According to the latest news updates, the new administration of United States is not a carbon copy of the previous one. While, the ex-federal treasurer of Liberal party calls the Trump government as a practical and credible administration. According to him, the new administration of Trump is very focused on its policies.

Further, he says that this is not the attitude of Trump administration to leave the things undone. About Hillary Clinton, Mr. Hockey says that she is an establishment in herself and Trump is fighting against this establishment. Mr. Hockey has spent 19 years in North Sydney as the federal member.

According to Mr. Hockey Hillary gives her 100 percent to defeat the Trump. All the media, the celebrities were in favor of the Hillary. This goes against Hillary. However, all these things remind the voter that Hillary is the candidate of the establishment, According to the ambassador, the anti-establishment behavior becomes the carrier of Trump to the victory.

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