Circulation of murder news in murder attack on Syrian President Bashar-ul-Asad


Damascus: Circulation of news on social media regarding death of Syrian President Bashar-ul-Asad through an attack on him by his personal guard and paralyse attack, however not a single Governmental or reliable resources have confirmed this news so far.

According to reports, Lebanon, On Syria, Saudi Arabia and several other county’s media specially social media news regarding death of Syrian President Bashar-ul-Asad due to Paralyse attack and then firing attack on him by his personal guard.

For last few days such kind of news are spinning around on a large scale on social media, that Syrian President Bashar-ul-Asad is admit in hospital due to paralyse attack or by becoming a victim of firing from his personal guard, however confirmation of this news couldn’t be made through any reliable resource.

Last week Lebanon’s various media sources delivered a news regarding paralyse attack on Syrian President in which they informed that Bashar-ul-Asad is now under treatment in a hospital of Damascus “Al-Shami” whereas according to reports he got effected one of his eyes and a part of his body due to paralysis.

France’s media also claimed that, Personal guard of Bashar-ul-Asad murdered him by firing attack few days back. According to Saudi news Bashar-ul-Asad got a cyst in his brain and its effects are coming forth with extreme.

On a social media page of Syrian presidential Parliament such news are being rejected strictly, whereas farmer head of Lebanon’s general security Major General Jameel-al-Syed tweeted by calling this news just a rumour and said that people are just spreading out the rumours of Bashar-ul-Asad’s brain stroke.


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