Microsoft Windows 10 Powers 9% of Enterprise PCs

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows Holds the Market Of PC’s and Laptops

It’s just a year and a half since Microsoft Windows 10 is in the market. And it holds a share of 9% of business PCs. It took the lead from Windows 8, which had 5% of all business PCs earlier.

Microsoft always had an edge over Apple in personal computers and laptops. Normally people tend to use Microsoft devices for business and personal use.

We can say undoubtedly that Microsoft OS are the kings in the particular industry. Microsoft leads the way with Windows 98, Windows XP and later Windows 7 were the biggest hits of their time. Still, Windows XP and Windows 7 hold a big market of OS users.

The most prevailing OS is Windows 7 with the huge number of users. And still after three years of retirement Windows XP is the 2nd popular Operating System of Microsoft. Currently, total number of users of Windows 7 is 49% and Windows XP has 7%.


Penetration Rate Of Microsoft Windows Versions:


If we look at the penetration rate of different Windows versions

9% of business PCs is shifted to Windows 10. While windows 7 still have a large occupation on penetration rates and leading from the front with 87%. Still, after 3 years of retirement Windows XP holds an enormous share of 52% of the market.

The penetration rate for Windows 10 did not signal the imminent adoption of the operating system by commercial customers, but it may hint at the level of interest in the new OS or illustrate how actively enterprises are testing Windows 10 prior to deployment

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