Do you like a banana? look at Seven Wonders of Banana.


Banana is all time the favorite fruit of everyone. This fruit is packed with magnesium and potassium. Banana is very important for the growth of children. There are some uses of banana.

Whitening teeth

Everyone wants sparkling teeth. But no one can afford the expensive treatment. The peels is also full of citric acid and it helps to reduce the stains on teeth. To use in the home after brush your teeth rub the its peel on the teeth for two minutes. With this simple remedy, you will get sparkling smile.

First aid

Banana peel is very good for germ killing. It means peel is very good to cure the sting, scratch and sun burning. You have to press the peel on the affected place. Try this till you feel relax.


If you have dry hair then use the banana mask on your hair. Take three of these and massage it on your hair. Leave this for fifteen minutes and then wash your hair.

Heart burning

It is full of magnesium and calcium. These elements regulate the acids of the stomach. In the heart, burning it is very well. Eat one in the breakfast and your stomach will remain good whole the day.

Face mask

It is a very good face mask. It makes your skin soft and glowing. Mash one banana and apply it for 20 minutes on the face.

Ice cream

It can be used as delicious ice cream. You can give the treat to your friends and family members of this delicious ice cream.


In so many countries of the Asia, the people use the banana leaves to tenderize the meat. They cover the meat in its leaves. In this way, the meat becomes soft and delicious. If you feel that your roast will become hard then use the peel along with fruit slices in the pan.

Polish the shoes

It looks like a joke that you can polish your shoes with banana. You can increase the shine of your shoes with the help of banana peel.  Rub the banana peel on your shoe and then wipe it with some soft cloth. You will amaze to see the amazing result of this technique.

Save your plants

If the insects attack your plants of roses or others plants than try it. Take a dry one peel and wrap it around the root of that plant. Soon you will see the difference.

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