Leonardo DiCaprio ex-co-star dies

Leonardo DiCaprio ex-co-star dies

Leonardo DiCaprio ex-co-star dies

Leonardo DiCaprio ex-co-star dies. Sheri Cates Morgan daughter of Cates, stated in a Facebook post that her mother peacefully died on Sunday morning.

She wrote that they feel calm in knowing that now she is out of pain and is enjoying the dance with our Savior, Jesus.

While, Gilbert Grape star Leonardo DiCaprio privileged his on-screen mother in a Facebook post on Tuesday afternoon.

DiCaprio has written about her that she was the best on-screen mom. I feel the honor to work with her.

She had a charming personality and unbelievable talent. She will live on in the memories of those who knew her, loved her work, he said that his prayers are with her family during this hard time.’

Cates was born in Borger, Texas and grew up in Dumas.

Her flight role of a housebound mother in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape was also her first role in Hollywood.

The actress was supposedly exposed by Gilbert Grape author and screenwriter Peter Hedges.  She appeared on an episode of Sally Jessy Raphael’s talk show titled Too Heavy to Leave Their House.

On the program, Cates discussed how being overweight influenced her life.

While, after Gilbert Grape, Cates’ acting career was limited to guest turns in Touched by an Angel, Picket Fences, and the TV movie Wolf Girl.

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