Pakistan’s biggest lake has undergone an irreparable loss because of contaminated water

Located west of Indus River Lake Manchar is the largest fresh water lake in Pakistan and one of the largest in Asia. But the contaminated water from Industries and Sewerages is eradicating its natural beauty, plants, birds and fish.An inhabitant of Lake Manchar Muhammad Yousuf says “In past myfather tookmore than 100 KGs of fish daily but now fish are also becoming extinct. Now Yousuf can catch very small amount of fish that is hardly to live off.

Manchar Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Pakistan and the size of the lake spread over 250 square kilometers, depending on rainfall. Many drains were built in 1970 through which water of several guttersfrom the cities of Sindh reaches the lake. The industrial waste also enters into the lake and poisonous drugs used for crops areequally affecting the natural beauty of the lake. Meanwhilethe amount of fresh water from the mountains into the lake has also decreased.Vice Chairperson Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF)Ghulam Mustafa Meerani explained that the constructions of dams, Change in the flow of Indus river water, Expansion of Indus River and new system of irrigation are the major causes under which this lake is being affected.

Lake Manchar

According to a survey conducted in 1990 due to toxic chemicals and salt water from the sea, the water of this lake is being contaminated. It was then suggested that the dirty water drains to be re-route further south by the Arabian Sea.But due to lack of funds, the project was delayed and until now theflow of dirty water is continuous to this lake unhindered.

The lake water is no longer drinkable.Fromthe toxic water certain plants and animals are dying while it has been impossible to grow vegetables in the region. Millions of migrating birds used to stay on the lake but now they are rarely seen.

This issue was raised in Supreme Court of Pakistan in 2010 but the court also failed to force the government to take action. Mustafa Meerani says, ‘This Lake is a precious gift of God, but its beauty has been destroyed. ”





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