Keep yourself hydrated; Dehydration Can Bring Some big Trouble


Dehydration or Homophiles influenza


Dehydration needs instant attention and cares whether the patient is a young baby or an elder one. Kids who are on mother feed they should be given feed a lot of times in this condition. Babies can be the victim of high fever and their breath can be stopped because of swelling of the throat.

According to Dr. Sadia Abdullah:

“When water ends in the body we can suffer from dehydration.

Young children have 75 percent of water and until adult age, it is 60 percent.”

In dehydration, 5 to 15 percent of water wastes. This happens when sufficient water is not consumed.

In this condition when the child vomits again and again or he suffers from diarrhea, he faces dehydration. We should pay attention whether the patient is a young child or an adult. The patient should be rescued early.

We cannot judge quickly about it but there are some signs from which we can judge a dehydration patient.

  1. If the patient cannot drink any kind of drink.
  2. Continuous vomiting.
  3. Stop of urine.
  4. Lesser urine but of dark color.
  5. Irritation and discomfort.

In swear condition we can see that:

If we press the skin of child it takes the time to come back in its real condition.

Dry eyes and they do not stop at one place.

Face and lips look dry.

Firstly child looks discomfort but after a while seems to rest.

What should we do?

First of all doctor’s consultation is necessary. If the condition would not swear he can give something only to drink.

Doctor’s advice should be followed strictly.

Use boiled water and use medicated drinks.

Any kind of fresh juice is also very fruitful.

Give the drink or boiled water after every half an hour because it is necessary for this condition.

But all these precautions are till doctor’s advice because doctor’s advice is very necessary.

We should not use self-medicines we should just use home remedies till the doctor’s advice.

Homophiles are a germ which causes infections and it generally causes infection in children.

Hib causes blood infection which destroys bones and joints and it can cause dangerous Arthritis and Osteomyelitis.

Vaccination of Hib is introduced since 1992 now its patients are rare. Its vaccination is given to 3 or 4 month’s kids along with other vaccinations because it can hit a one year baby.

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