long and irrelevant conversation is the symbol of brain disease.


Boston: The psychologists of American general hospital say that long and irrelevant conversation is the symbol of brain disease.

The results of this research are presented in the annual session of ‘American association for the advancement of science’. According to them some symptoms of brain disease appears before 10 years. If we get these symptoms then it will easy to control the disease.

There is no proper medicine to cure brain disease in psychiatry. The medicines only can slow the procedure of disease. But these medicines are not the proper cure of disease. Jaint Shermen leads a research in General hospital.

This research has 24 healthy and young people and 22 old people who are facing MCI. MCI is the last stage of mental disease. While analyzing them it clears that the healthy people does not repeat the sentences. They do not prolong the conversation.

On the other side the people who are facing MCI repeat the words and have long conversation. According to the Sherman this is not about those people who are habitual of long conversation. This is about those people whose conversation get prolong with the passage of time.

Surrounding people should be attentive when someone of their family uses same words repeatedly. Affected people are gradually losing the sense of understanding of any matter. We cannot call them having some mental disease. But this is can be the sign of any mental problem.

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