How social media is affecting our lives, even we never thought about it.

social media

Social Media is isolating us and we never thought about it.

Recently I was sitting in a family gathering, families were there sitting together like they used to do in past. But there was a change especially in youngsters, although they were physically present among elders but actually they were not. Confusing?? Yeah it is, all of them were holding their Smartphone and busy in their own activities, texting, and chatting, listening music, tweeting or updating status #with family. Seriously it is amusing.

Around 8-10 years ago family gatherings were meant to be family gatherings. People used to enjoy company of other family members, kids used to play with age fellows; I remember how we used to play games like ludo, shtapoo, caram board etc. Even our elders used to play with us.

Then there was a bang in 2004 with Facebook introduction and later Twitter was also an addition to social media. Although people were new to internet but they rush to socializing via social networks. In very short time both of these were hits of 20 years. Firstly people used these mediums to connect with people living far from them but soon it became habitual use.

People started connecting with social Medias rather meeting and spending quality time together. They stick to the internet, like it is their life. Gradually social circle increased people make new friends, some of them they knew and some are the new ones they interact on social media first time.


social media

All these make a person lonely in crowd.

Social media made it easy to connect with people. While sitting in front of your laptop or computer you can talk to hundreds of people.  You can find people with similar interests, discuss on every topic.

But problem arise when you become addicted to social media, all the time updating status, chats, group talks and looking for other’s status make people insane. Living in the same house people become strangers, they merely talk to each other. Everyone is busy with his smart devices; the major setback is for elders who cannot learn new technologies. They become alone as now children spend very small time with them.

Favorite pass time of children almost 8 years ago was listening fairy tales from grandparents, playing with other age fellows from neighbors or in summers the peak of fun was catching fireflies. But regrettably children of today are not aware of these pleasures as they are stuck into social Medias and other internet based activities.

Meanwhile it is not bad to become technology friendly. Everyone should be updated with the world, must use social media. But with all these man should also look the real world and come out of virtual reality.

In my opinion social media is important but being addicted is a bad thing. Use social media to socialize with real friends not socialize to make you isolated.

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