Some habits are really dangerous for our health.


Health is a great wealth.

We get its importance when we lose it. Some habits are really dangerous for our health.

But we cannot easily leave that habit. Sometimes it becomes impossible for us to leave a habit. At a stage we cannot leave the habit because we feel it the best quality. Some habits become dangerous for our personality.

Stop the sneeze: some people stop their sneeze by closing their mouth. Some people close their nose to stop the sneeze. In this way the pressure increases in the mouth. The blood circulation towards brain affects because of this. Some get headache and some feel problem in listening.

Perfume: the use of perfume is good for sometimes but the frequent use of perfume is not good. Some elements in the perfume are not good for health. It can be the cause of infection in eyes, throat and skin.try to use the perfume in an airy room.

Brush the teeth after meal: dentists are of the view that always brushes the teeth after 30 minutes of meal. The brush takes the acidity deep in the teeth. In this way we feel sensitivity.

Continuous use of anti bacterial soap: there are so many good bacteria on our skin. But we use anti bacterial soap then the helpful bacteria get ends. Use this soap only twice a week.

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