Gold Coast Commonwealth Games: Some fascinating games are about to Play

Commonwealth games 2018

Commonwealth games 2018 will be held in Gold Coast Australia.

Some very fascinating games will be played and athletes from many affiliate countries will compete. Australia is sports loving nation and they strive for success, they compete and they win.

We will see some interesting games in this edition. Top 7 of the list games alphabetically includes, athletics, badminton, basketball, beach volleyball, boxing, cycle racing (three versions)


One of the most favorite sports played all around the world, and almost every edition of commonwealth games has a slot or this. There will be multiple events for athletics like 20km race walk, 100 m races, long jumping, weight throwing and finally marathon will conclude the event.It will be the most comprehensive para-sport athletics program in Games history.


Another famous game, require speed, agility, and strength at a time. It is considered most competitive racket sports around the world. The most popular place for badmintons is Asia, also known as birth place of badminton. The agility and speed of player is hard to measure, the reckless smash can be of speed 400km/hr. Badminton is one of four sports to be held at the brand new 2500-seat Carrara Sports and Leisure Centre – Arena 2.

It will feature singles, and doubles competitions of both men and women and mixed doubles competition.


It was included in 2006 first time in commonwealth games Melbourne. And it will comeback in Gold Coast 2018. It will be played indoor stage arenas in Cairns, Gold Coast, and Townsville.

Team Australia is ready and eager to showcase their skills, they will compete in both men’s and women’s category.

Beach volleyball

It will be the first appearance of the game at Gold Coast beaches. The game requires both physical and technical skills, its one of the hardest games as playing on sand requires more energy and strength of muscles.  It has a team of two players and both men’s and women’s competitions will be part of games.


Another sports which is feature of almost every commonwealth games. It has some specific categories like, light flyweight division for the speed machines who weigh 46-49kg through to the super heavyweight division for the power punchers above 91kg.

Women’s competitions are also part of games.


Cycling is another major event of commonwealth games, it features three categories Track, Mountain Bike, Road. All of these are played on different track and have different rules. Both men and women competition will be part of the games. It requires a handful energy to compete, it is one of the toughest sports played in commonwealth games.

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