Fight against cancer

Abdur Rehman
Abdur Rehman

A lady from Gaza named Abdur Rehman was just of 21 years old when doctors say that she will die. They tell her that she cannot live more than 2014.

When a person get the time of his death what will be his condition. We get strange sensations in our body with just a single thought of death. The person will spend his whole life while weeping and crying. There are so many chances that the patient will die because of this grief.

But in the case of Abdur Rehman the situation is totally different. She remains very cool and relaxes. She has different type of fatal glands in her body. The doctors talk to her mother that her daughter cannot live more than 2 months. There is nothing to do for her.

No one save her life. You must go to home. Her mother feels so sad about her daughter that she starts weeping. But the girl remains confident.  Her eyes are sparkling with the dreams. She wants to become an artist. She wishes to create her name as an artist.

In this way she avails every opportunity. She exhibits her paintings on every level. So she does exhibitions from Las Angelus to Marrakesh. She takes part in art competitions. And works with the patients of Gaza. These patients express themselves through paintings.

The governess Abdur Rehman gives training of drama and acting. Life and death are in the hands of Allah. Death is confirmed and the time of death is also confirmed. This brave girl does not give ear to the advice of doctors. She never gives up her dreams and she never compromise on her dreams. And the day came when the doctors were shocked to see that the girl is completely cured.

She has so many operations for three years. She says that my real happiness is in the happiness of others. When doctors confirmed that she is now perfectly all right that day is so special for her. According to the latest news the girl says that she wants to see happiness on the faces of others. And for this purpose her paintings play important role.

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