FBI chief consents with CIA on Russia’s suspected election assistance for Trump


According to US media description, FBI and National Intelligence chiefs both have consent with the CIA evaluation that Russia hindered in the 2016 US presidential elections partially in an attempt to help out Donald Trump succeed the White House.

FBI Director James B. Comey and Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper are both certain that Russia was following cyber assaults that marked Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton and her operation chairman, John Podesta,  and accounted Friday, quoting a memo sent by CIA Director John Brennan to his workforce.


President Barack Obama guilt Russia for negotiating the “truthfulness” of the US elections and promised to take action in opposition to Russia which may be both “clear and broadcast” and concealed.

He said in an interview with NPR on Friday. “I believe there is no uncertainty that when any overseas regime attempts to crash the truthfulness of our elections, we necessitate taking action. And we will at an occasion and position of our own choice,”

President-elect Donald Trump has frequently indicated the accusations and called the CIA findings “outrageous.”Trump said “I believe it’s unreasonable I suppose it’s just one more justification. I don’t trust it, No; I don’t consider it whatsoever”.

Russia, consecutively, has also deprived of the accusations with Russian presidential presenter Dmitry Peskov saying in an interview with RT that Russia’s suspected meddling into the US elections is “nothing but rubbish.”

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