What Your favorite Food tells about you

healthy food keeps you healthy

Our food not only affects on our health but also affects our personality.

If you want to look young in the age of 50 then do not want to try any surgery than eat good food. There are so many things that can make you young and fresh. These things are amazing that your personality looks young and fresh. Try to take these things rather than to use the medicines or trying any type of surgery. We will tell you about these amazing things.

Berries: strawberry, blue berry or the grapes are very good anti oxidants. These fruits are very good for your health. Along with this all these berries give very good affect on your personality. The process of destruction of the cells becomes slow just because of the usage of these fruits. These fruits are good for joint pains and swelling. The berries are very good for the shining skin. They eradicate the wrinkles. The berries are very good to improve the memory.

Carrot: this vegetable is full of beta carotene. This element is very good for the eye sight. This element changes into the vitamin A after going in the body. Vitamin A is very important for the effective work of the eyes. Carrots are very good for the skin. They save our skin from the wrinkles before the time. There is no doubt that this vegetable is very good anti aging.

Do not overcook the vegetable, or you can lose the effective minerals or vitamins of this vegetable.

Citrus fruits: vitamin C is very important to keep you young and healthy. Oranges are packed with this vitamin C. along with this vitamin the oranges are replete of bio flunoweds. This element saves the skin from the sun rays. It saves the cells from decay. Similarly if you take the lemon water in an empty stomach the intestines will clean. Along with this the energy penetrates in the body.

Garlic: garlic is very good anti bacterial. It helps to eradicate the infections. To have the full benefit of the garlic we have to use it in a very proper way. The qualities of garlic are very helpful to eradicate the effects of age. It keeps the cholesterol balance. It is healthy for the circulation of the blood. Garlic keeps the blood pressure normal. The most amazing thing is this that if we use garlic on daily basis we can save ourselves from cancer.

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