Facebook put their trust in Apple hardware veteran to increase Oculus virtual reality program

Oculus virtual reality

Facebook Hires Apple Hardware Veteran to Boost Its Virtual Reality Division

Facebook wants to change the prospects of virtual reality. And Oculus virtual reality business is one of its proves.

Facebook recently acquired the services of Michael Hillman, who served in apple for a long period of 15 years. He helped Apple to develop many giant technologies and big hardware projects like iMac computers. After his contributions to the company, he became the chief architect of Apple’s desktop computers.

Hillman joined robotics startup Zoox as Vice President after he left Apple in 2015. He left the organization after a small time and joined fitness gadget marker FitBit. Meanwhile, Facebook acquired the services of tech master.

Oculus spokesperson showed his excitement on news, “we excited that he will lead our hardware organization. We have very great hardware team that is leading the development of Rift and Touch. We are aiming to invest more in hardware and push the boundaries of virtual reality technology to build VR products for next generations.”

Hillman is the Companies latest gigantic acquisition. And they are competing for other tech giants like HTC (Taiwanese Smartphones maker) and Sony in burgeoning Virtual Reality Market.

Oculus did not reveal anything about Oculus Rif headsets, meanwhile many it is heard in tech circles that company has shipped a very small number of sets that was projected prior to the device debuting last spring.

Furthermore, It will take the time to catch the customer, its high price and far more powerful computer requirements can be the core reasons for that.

Earlier in January Fortune stock symbol of Facebook “fb” also hired a prominent tech specialist. Hugo Barra, he was former vice president Xiaomi mobile china and an executive at Google for many years. Oculus virtual reality unit hired him too.

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