Extreme reaction on Trump’s actions; green card holders of 7 Muslim countries allowed to get in America

country’s refugees
country’s refugees

Washington: on the cases upon 7 Muslim majority country’s refugees by the side of Trump’s government reaction came up from around the world due to which American government allowed green card holders to get into America.

On Friday Trump signed an administrative order according to which acts of custom and immigrations were to implement on 7 Muslim majority citizens on Airport but authorities kept on cope up with the existence confusion regarding laws. Protests in the entire state were also going on at the other side. A federal judge issued an order against the order of the administration.

Bob Crocker also criticized the order of Trump and said that administrative orders were implemented in a very bad manner especially regarding those who holds green cards. Matter of green card holders was specially the topic of confusion because administrative authorities had said that those people who are green card holders and are out of those 7 majority Muslim countries, have gone to visit their homelands don’t let them in without letting them through the process of investigation also.

Thousands of people marched near white house and made the slogans of “no hate”, “welcome to refugees”. One of the protesters a university professor Jennifer said that “I am Jewish and the Holocaust that has happened to us must never happen again, for the sake of security of Muslims, Jewish will be on the top of the list because we don’t want whatever has happened to us must not happen with anyone else in the government of Trump.

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