Exquisite business of entire year used jeans in Japan

used jeans

Hiroshima: Exquisite business of entire year used jeans in Japan.Anomchi Denim project is getting publically famous. In this project, a few selected Japanese are provided new jeans and then are exhibited for sale.

This shop of used jeans was opened up in 2013.Core purpose of this project was to put forth capability of local tailors. They sell used jeans at double price. People who wear jeans are familiar with the certain way to wear the given jeans, wash and dry jeans. A team of Anomchi denim projects selects few individuals who wear the provided jeans. Change in color, style and suiting are kept in view after jeans are given to these individuals.

These volunteers have to wear two jeans, one after the other, this process continues for a whole year. Every week they bring the jeans to Anomchi’s shop, where jeans experts go through its progress thoroughly. These jeans are washed in a specialized laundry. But during this process, style of wearing person and his treatment with jeans is maintained.

To differentiate jeans in various ways, these are given from fisherman to factory labors for wearing. In this way, blood spots on hunter’s jeans welding marks on labors jeans are made intact. Now persons from every walk of life have accumulated for the team in a boutique. Those who promise to wear same jeans for the whole year are being paid for it. After one whole year, every jeans is sold in 20 to 40,000 after being tagged.

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